Stay is a bittersweet love story about redemption. It is the second feature film of writer/director Darryl Wharton-Rigby

The story is about a troubled salaryman who fights to remain sober. He meets and spends a weekend with a young woman, who brings hope into his life, but she cannot stay. 

Upcoming screenings:

Japanfest Hamburg Sunday, May 27th Noh/Arthouse Hamburg, Germany

Dances With Films Sunday, June 10th 9:30pm TCL Chinese Theatres Hollywood, CA USA


A recovering addict struggling to remain clean and escape the dark side of Tokyo.



A free spirit in search of meaning and purpose before returning home to the United States.


...but she can't STAY

If you knew you had 48 hours to spend with the person who breathes life back into your soul, how would you spend that time? 



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